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Roxanne Horn


Roxanne Rosa aka RoxaRosa: The Boss lady at Nova Art Tattoo Studio. Started tattooing at the age of 26, has a degree in Applied Science from the HvA and began her entrepreneurship with face- and bodypaint.

She travelled the world to teach and compete and became 3rd of the world in bodypaint in 2015. After working in several tattooshops she felt that it was time to start her own. As her vision was unlike she ever experienced in other shops. Together with Mae she the laid the foundation of Nova Art, a now successful and thriving tattoo studio. 

Sharing her values with the world. Combining passion, creativity, hard work and contribute to the world we live in. 

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Deborah Kromodjojo


Deborah Kromodjojo is part of Nova Art since November 2018. She has been tattooing since 2017 and has a resume like you wouldn’t believe. From furniture trade school to certified hairdresser, this lady has many talents.

Her inquisitiveness makes her such a skilled tattooer. On top of all that she is a mother of three young boys! Piu che puoi is her motto. You gotta take this life and live it.

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Kristina Luna


Kristina joined our team in June 2020. She is half Ukrainian and half Russian and was brought up in Greece. About one year ago she decided to move to Holland and she couldn’t have been more happy with that decision. She has been tattooing for about 3 years now. She loves fineline, bold lines, whipshading and loves feminine flowers to sexy ladies. Keep an eye on this goal oriented girl, because she is going places!

Kristina works on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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Ricky Altman


Meet Ricky! Our newest addition to team Nova. Ricky has been a client of Roxanne for a couple of years. During the last appointment he mentioned that he was doing little bit of tattooing on his own leg. When Roxanne saw the quality of his first tattoos he ever did, in combination with his eager to learn, she offered him a position as an apprentice on the spot! He’s 25 years young and born and raised in Amsterdam. 

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Aimée Frieden


Aimée is from Luxembourg and moved to the Netherlands in 2017 to live with her Dutch boyfriend. She speaks 4 languages fluently; English, Luxembourgish, German and French. She even understands and speaks a little Dutch. She met Roxanne at bodypaint festivals and they became close friends. She started handpoking a year ago in 2020 and had the opportunity to learn a lot from Roxanne.

Beside handpoking she also models as a bodypaint model and works as a dog behaviorist: @Aimee.Pandoga. Aimée’s work passion includes helping dogs around the world. She travelled to Thailand and Sri Lanka to observe and train street dogs. 

She works at Nova Art on Thursdays.

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Lala Siya


Her real name is Dagmara, born in Poland, but her roots are in Ukraine and Lithuania.

She has been living in the Netherlands for 4 years now with her partner and their cat.

Lala has been tattooing for about 5 years now. She likes to tattoo cartoons, anime and cute designs. She does this in the styles new school, dotwork, watercolor and occasionally fineline. She also likes to do cover ups.

Before she started tattooing, Lala did a lot of other things. She previously worked as an interior designer and has a master’s degree in sociology.

In her spare time she enjoys LEGO, furniture restoration, watching science fiction movies, playing with her cat and taking care of the crows in her neighborhood.

Lala is available every Thursday in Haarlem. 

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Sanne Dodemont

Sanne is our marketing manager!

A 26-year-old Dutch and full-time vanlifer, with a love for art and nature. She has a background in journalism, hospitality, nursing, fitness and management, which made her the all-rounder she is today.

She also runs her own business as a digital nomad, allowing her to roam freely through the country with her partner and dog.

Although she has done many different things, she is always eager to learn new things and strives to get the best out of everything. 


We hope that you enter our studio and feel a sense of happiness. Pleasant and surprised. We hope that your are being helpend with a smile and that you want to share your experience with your friends and family.

You are welcome to bring along a friend or partner when you have an appointment but that you also feel relaxed when you come by yourself. Will you let us know if we succeeded?


Roxanne donated before starting Nova Art. There is always a way to contribute to the world you live in.  Everybody can do something, find a way that suits you. We support Stichting Bijen is Leven, Save Tigers Now, Save Elephant.org amongst others. We also provide you with the option to tattoo vegan!