Who we are 






Roxanne Horn


Roxanne Rosa aka RoxaRosa. Boss lady at Nova Art Tattoo Studio. Started tattooing at the age of 26. She has a degree in Applied Science from the HvA and began her entrepreneurship with face- and bodypaint.

 She travelled the world to teach and compete and became 3rd of the world in bodypaint in 2015. After working in several tattooshops she felt that it was time to start her own. As her vision was unlike she ever experienced in other shops. Together with Mae she the laid the foundation of Nova Art, a now successful and thriving tattoo studio. 

 Sharing her values with the world. Combining passion, creativity, hard work and contribute to the world we live in. 

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Mae Douglas

Mae is part Curacao and part Dutch. This bilingual babe moved to Holland in her twenties. Hard working single mom of two boys. She is the right hand of Roxanne at Nova Art and buff for over 13 years.

Always worked in retail but is thriving at Nova where she finally can be her true self. Being hospitable, giving advice and personal service but a place where no boss would disallow her much wanted hand tattoos.

Mae is the shopmanager and the first person you come in contact with when you email or stop by the studio!  

Deborah Kromodjojo

Deborah Kromodjojo is part of Nova Art since November 2018. She has been tattooing since 2017 and has a resume like you wouldn’t believe. From furniture trade school to certified hairdresser, this lady has many talents.

Her inquisitiveness makes her such a skilled tattooer. On top of all that she is a mother of three young boys! Piu che puoi is het motto. You gotta take this life and live it.

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Jenya Kuzmenko

Jenya Kuzmenko aka lodfu is our guest artist from the Ukraine. She lives in Rotterdam with her husband where she also has a private tattoo studio. She has been tattooing for 10 years and is in The Netherlands since 2018.

Her specialism is color realism and works on Thursday and Friday at Nova Art!

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Johe van der One

Johe is our Spanish artist and has over 10 years of experience in tattooing. With 23 years of experience in graffiti he loves to use the body as a canvas. Creating unique and cool abstract tattoos. And although this is his favourite style he also does great old school!

Helping a client through the process of idea to tattoo, ending with a positive connection with he client is what makes it all worth for him.
John works on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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We hope that you enter our studio and feel a sense of happiness. Pleasant and surprised. We hope that your are being helpend with a smile and that you want to share your experience with your friends and family.

You are welcome to bring along a friend or partner when you have an appointment but that you also feel relaxed when you come by yourself. Will you let us know if we succeeded?


We want to offer more to our clients. We have a customer base of which you can be a part. You will be updated 4 times a year on our news and special offers. If you are booked in for your tattoo you will become an member automatically.


Every season we will post a customer story. This is an interview with a client and the story of his/ her tattoo. We want to give you insight of reasons why people get tattooed and that these reasons may not be always what you think. 


Roxanne donated before starting Nova Art. There is always a way to contribute to the world you live in.  Everybody can do something, find a way that suits you. We support Stichting Bijen is Leven, Save Tigers Now, Save Elephant.org amongst others. We also provide you with the option to tattoo vegan!