Pricing information






The price is very important to most people. Although we would also like to emphasise our art, quality and our studio atmosphere, many people simply make the choice based on the cost. Not everyone has the same income or the same tattoo budget.

We would like to state that whatever your budget is, you should not save on a tattoo if the work of the artist is to your taste. Nowadays we can tell by the type of shoes that someone is wearing what they have cost, but also by the quality of the tattoo you can tell a lot. The question is what would like that your tattoos say about you. You will be confronted with the tattoo every day when you look in the mirror and even though you take a tattoo for your own pleasure, it is one of the first things that other people see of you. So consider how you want to see yourself and what you want other people to see of you.

The price that you have to pay for a tattoo depends entirely on your wishes. We have guidelines that you can use as a reference, but it is best to contact us.

We often get the question what a sleeve costs, but this depends entirely on, for example, the style you want and your body type. You can take into account that a sleeve is about 5/7 day sessions.

The price of a day session depends on the time spend and the style. Our artist charge between € 700,- and € 950,- for a day session.
Our freehand artists charge for the time they freehand on your skin because this is a necessary part of the art.


Of course we also have gift vouchers and you can determine the amount yourself. You can purchase the voucher in the studio or order via email. We will send the voucher to the address of your choosing. Please be clear on who’s address it is.  Mail to for more information. You can transfer the amount via bank or PayPal.