Downpayment and cancellation






To book in a tattoo we ask for a down-payment. The price of the down-payment depends on the price and the size of the tattoo. The down-payment needs to be paid within 7 days after booking your tattoo. If  the date of your tattoo is short after booking it the down-payment needs to be transferred as soon as possible.

*If we do not receive your down-payment in time, we might have to cancel your appointment.

  • 50,- deposit for a tattoo between €70,-/€200,-
  • 100,- deposit for a tattoo between €200,-/€350,-
  • 150,- deposit for a tattoo higher than €350,-

The deposit will be settled with the total amount of the tattoo. The rest of the amount will be paid on the day of your appointment. Check the page of your artist to see what kind of payments he/ she accepts. If you have multiple sessions the deposit will be settled on the last appointment.

It can also happen that you want to reschedule your appointment. This is free of charge, twice within 4 months with keeping your deposit, if it’s done up to 72 hours of the date of your tattoo appointment.

If you cancel your appointment, you will loose your deposit. The deposit is to reserve the date and time for you. If you reschedule too late or not at all we can not book in another client and we will not make any money that day.