At Nova Art, we believe it is important to contribute to the world we live in. Everyone in their own way and at Nova Art we do that by donating to carefully selected foundations. Read below which charities we support and why.

Nova Art for the bees

With every bee tattoo we put at Nova Art, a percentage goes to the foundation.

Every time we collect a total amount of € 500, we donate a bee colony. This means that a hive is being built that will accommodate a new bee population. So bees are born through your bee tattoo!

Pollination by insects is necessary for more than 80% of the food crops. Honey bees, solitary bees and bumble bees ensure the growth of fruit and vegetables such as apples, raspberries, peppers and avocados. We are even dependent on bees for coffee, sunflower oil and mustard.

We already have donated € 1000.- to

Nova Art for Pandoga

The new goal that we support is Pandoga H.O.P.E. (Help Other People & Pets Evolve). The founder of this great initiative is Aimee. Aimee is a professional dog trainer with a personal approach. She gives workshops and helps people and dogs at their home in their own environment.

Pandoga H.O.P.E. is a project that originated during a trip to Thailand where she did volunteer work in animal care. The goal of Pandoga is to form a better understanding in strengthening the bond between people and dogs worldwide.

Adopt a Furry Friend on Koh Phangan is a charity that helps street dogs. Aimee started four years ago with helping foster care puppies and with the rehabilitation of traumatised dogs. The goal is to improve the living conditions for the street dogs. They do this by helping to strengthen ties between dogs and people in the communities where they live together. With the right training, the dogs will no longer be experienced as annoying or disturbing. As a result, fewer dogs will be mistreated or killed.

Go to the Facebook Page of Adopt a Furry Friend for more information.

We have donated  €500,- to Pandoga.

Nova Art for the tigers

With every tiger tattoo a percentage goes to Savetigersnow is a global campaign by World Wildlife Fund and Leonardo DiCaprio. It is known that the tigers are not doing well.

Unfortunately, this is largely due to poachers who trade every part of the tiger on the illigal market. In addition, humans and the tiger “fight” for habitat.

Forests are being cut down, which means that tigers have to hunt livestock that local people and communities have to live on. As a result, the tigers are captured or killed and sold on the black market.

There are currently only 3890 tigers on our planet.

We have donated € 130,- to WWF

Nova Art for the elephants

Roxanne travelled to Thailand in 2018. Despite the fact that the elephant is de national symbol of Thailand, the animal is not treated that well throughout the country and Asia. 

World Animal Protection helps wild animals, animals in captivity, live stock and animals in dire situations. For the elephants in particular they have made a big difference. Click on the picture for more information.


We have donated € 100,-








Nova Art for Australia

You might have heard about the terrible fires that are raging in Australia. Billions of animals lost their lives and thousands are in need of help. Of course we wanted to organise something to contribute in our own way. Roxanne made special designs where 100% of the money is going towards charities. 


We will raise about €1300,-








Nova Art Flashday

On September 7th we held a flashday where €5,- of every tattoo was donated to charities. Every artist choose their own charity. Roxanne donated to Bijen is Leven.
Deborah donated to Trees4All.
Jenya donated to the De Noordzee foundation.
Johe donated to the Aap foundation. 

On October 4th 2020 we will hold another charity flashday.