Design process






To help you with designing a tattoo, we need to have an idea of what you would like. Inspirational pictures, specific elements, things you like and don’t like. With this information we can design more specific for you. Please keep in mind that we need some creative freedom to make your idea workable as a tattoo design. Not all ideas or example pictures work well as a tattoo and it would be a shame to disappoint you. Also most of the time, less is more and it is very difficult to put lots of things and meaning into a small size tattoo.

If you have additional information after you book in you can send it in up to three days after you book in free of charge. Every client follows the same designing process and if additional information is send in after the three days there might be costs involved.

A tattoo design is at its best as it fits with you and your personality. That is why we find it important that you have thought about the design yourself. Without any idea about what you want we can’t design for you. Not every tattoo has to have a deep meaning or has to be well planned. That is why all artists work with flash designs were you can choose out of. Check their social media for available designs. Every design will be tattooed once so if you like one of our designs it will still be unique and one of a kind.

Unfortunately we won’t email the design prior to the booked appointment.  There is enough time on the day of the appointment to make adjustments. This works faster and better than emailing back and forward. Keep in mind that most artists will only show you a line drawing so you will not see the end result of the tattoo.

We know how we will tattoo the design so it is not necessary to make a full and complete design. We also like to keep a bit of freedom during tattooing because often we have better ideas on the spot than during the designing process.

If you would like to discuss your idea with a tattooer you can book a consultation. You can use the booking form on the website and mention that you want a consultation first. A consultation will take 30 minutes and costs €35,-. This will be settled when you book in for your tattoo.
If it’s a consultation for a big piece or a sleeve it is 1 hour for €70,-. Or it might be 2 consultations depending on what the artist thinks is best. We will inform you prior to the first consultation.