Cover tattoos






We prefer to put on new and self-designed tattoos. But if we can give someone a better tattoo than the tattoo they want to have covered, we will gladly do that.

Not every tattoo is suitable to cover and not everything is suitable as a new tattoo design for an old tattoo. Below is the most important information for covers.

To make a cover work you need about twice the space of the old tattoo. The old tattoo can only be covered with dark shades so there must be room around it for the light shades.

If you don’t have it, it will get dark on dark and it will most likely not be more beautiful than your old tattoo. The light shades also provides as a distraction and draw the attention from your old tattoo.

The new tattoo must fit well over the old tattoo and must therefore follow the forms of the old tattoo. Geometric shapes, clean lines or patterns such as maori or mehndi are often not suitable. This is about the negative, non-tattooed space between the lines.

If a piece of old tattoo falls under that, then the attention goes to that spot. For example, flowers have free forms and can be drawn freehand over your old tattoo. Be sure to contact us to see what is possible for you, because in some cases geometric or ornamental are actually an option!

To discuss ideas for a cover, you have to come to the studio. We need to see the quality, size and structure of the old tattoo to determine what the options are. We also often make a print of the actual size and we will sketch something on your skin. Therefore a consultation is not possible through email.

We regularly do cover tattoos and during a consultation we have plenty of time to provide you with our professional advice. A consultation costs €35,- and is settled with a booked tattoo.

Keep in mind that the priority of the cover is covering your old tattoo. You will probably have to compromise on the new design. The new design may not be exactly what you were hoping for. We tell you what is and what isn’t possible. This is not negotiable with a cover.

The fact that it’s not negotiable doesn’t mean that you have no choice as to what your new tattoo will be. Send as many examples as possible of what you like. We will look at how we can shape the new tattoo based on your examples.