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**Corona news:**

Our studio is only open on appointment for the time being. If you have a quick question, you can call or email with the shopmanager. If you like, you can call to book in a short appointment with the shopmanager. You can call from Tue/Sat from 12pm till 5pm.

 * It can take about two weeks before you get a reply. Thank you in advance for your patience*



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In case of cancellation or rescheduling, we ask for your phone number. (Please give us your preference: calling, texting, WhatsApp or no preference)






 1. Who do you want to book your appointment with? 


 Johe (Tue, Wed and Saturdays) books about1 month ahead
Kristina (Tuesday-Saturday) books about 1 month ahead
Deborah (Wed, Fri and Saturday) books 2 months ahead, Saturdays 3 months ahead
Roxanne (not bookable for 2020. Agenda opens in Nov for 2021) agenda opens 1 of November for Jan/Feb/Mrt 2021




 2. When would you like to book?


 Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat + which month



3. Where on your body do you want the tattoo?




4. How large, in centimeters, do you want it to be? (Length and possibly width)




5. Black, color, both or choice of the tattoo artist?


 6. Send us examples

 It is mandatory to send at least one photo. The size may not be more than 1 mb per photo.








7. Explanation about your photos




Give an explanation of your photos below. Please be as concrete and specific as possible with minimal elaboration to background information or reasons.








YES: Information that must be visibly processed in your tattoo (eg a letter, symbol, or something you like about your sample photo)
NO: Meaning and background information. (Eg past and personal reasons that are only important to you)








8. How did you find us?




 Google/ Social media of (fill in artist name)/ Client of (fill in artist name)/ Event/ Haarlem City Blog/ Passed by the studio/ Other:… 








9. If you would like to add something, you can do so below.































1. You will receive an email with some further questions about the design.
2. You will receive a quote, duration and available data.
3. After approval from you, on the date for the tattoo, you will receive an appointment confirmation with payment information for the down payment. The deposit is € 50 for small tattoos and the deposit is € 100 or € 150 for large tattoos incl. Design. This is part of the total amount.

4. The booking is complete upon receipt of the deposit. We do not email the design in advance. On the day itself there is enough time to make adjustments if necessary.
5. Two days before the appointment you will receive a reminder by e-mail.


You can always make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your ideas with a tattoo artist. We ask € 35, – for a consultation which is charged when booking a tattoo appointment. Passing by and gauging the atmosphere in the studio is possible without an appointment, you have to feel good about such an important event.

Unfortunately, we will not design without a deposit. We put time and effort into your assignment and of course our time is not free. Often it takes more time than the value of the down payment, but we do not design without a tattoo appointment. If you decide to cancel your tattoo appointment, then unfortunately you have lost your deposit.

If you want to extend or cover an existing tattoo, we ask you to come to the studio for a consultation. From a photo we often cannot see if and what we can do with it for you.

We do not exactly copy existing tattoos from other tattoo artists. We also make personal designs for our customers and do not tattoo them again. Our creativity is endless so we are happy to help you with a design that we make especially for you.

So you will unfortunately not see in advance exactly what the tattoo will look like. You are already familiar with our work when booking an appointment, and we hope that trust in us and our vision are sufficient for you.

You can submit other information, examples or changes up to 3 days after booking the appointment. If you submit this later, costs may be charged because the design process has already been started.